Over the last 8 years, the community services industry has gone through some major government reforms designed to empower the client and improve on the level of service.

These changes have created challenges for Service Providers as well as creating uncertainty over long term viability.

With over 35 years of experience delivering client services and 25 years working very closely with Community Services Organisation, we’ve created a solution that addresses these challenges within the operational framework and tailored around the industry culture.

The result is the “OPAL” card for the Community Services industry. The CARETAG System uses secure, tried-and-tested technology to automate production of service records, streamline operation, reduce anxiety and increase customer satisfaction.

Developed around the new legislative framework, CARETAG meets the operational requirements necessary to transition and prosper under the new government reforms in the disability and aged care services industry, enabling Community Service Providers to increase efficiency, streamline processes and save money over time.

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