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Securing personal data electronically is a hot topic at the moment, with government crackdowns on data breaches, and ensuring that data is used for the sole purpose it was given permission for. Never before has it been more important to ensure that any information you store electronically is used correctly and protected from cyber-attack.

For MyAgedCare service providers, storing client information electronically is the only way to ensure an efficient and streamlined system. Manual storage and processing of care plans is archaic and can lead to double-handling errors and missed information, not to mention, it can bring productivity to a standstill. When you’re delivering health-based services to a vulnerable segment of society (the elderly) with medications involved, this could be potentially catastrophic.

A well-engineered software system, with state-of-the-art security protocols in place is essential for protecting not only your client’s sensitive personal data, but protecting your MyAgedCare service business from the threat of and impact of a cyber attack.

When Vince Iacovelli set about designing and developing CARETAG, a software management system designed especially for the needs of MyAgedCare service providers, he made sure that seamless transfer of data, and security of that data was at the forefront of design.

“We designed CARETAG as a modular-based system, to allow maximum flexibility for service-based businesses, with each module able to talk to each other, in an integrated way.” said Iacovelli.

“The challenge with a modular system was to ensure that data can be transferred seamlessly between modules, both in desktop and mobile application. In the case of MyAgedCare applications, having the Care Plan Management Module feed directly into the Service Delivery and Calendar Rostering Module, ensures that the system allocates the right amount of staff to deliver the services that the client needs, according to their care plan. And by making the application seamless across mobile and desktop devices, we can ensure that the information is accessible wherever and whenever staff need it most”.

With state-of-the-art security protocols, you can be assured that CARETAG protects and secures your client’s sensitive data.

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