Utilises GPS and Google Map tracking

Utilises smart card technology.

Simple tap-on/tap-off to record:

  • Pick up and drop off times;
  • GPS locations;
  • Length of trip and distance travelled;
  • Full route map of the trip;
  • Can record “markers” throughout the trip for specific incidents.
  • Can use on fleet and private vehicles.

Utilising GPS and Google Map tracking technology, the transport module can be used for both fleet and private vehicle use alike.

With a simple tap-on/tap-off, it records pick up and drop off times and GPS locations, length of trip including distance travelled and time taken to complete the trip including a full route map of the trip, it also provides a facility for recording “markers” throughout the trip for specific incidents.

Utilising the smart card technology, the system separates staff and individual client details for accurate payroll, mileage and billing purposes.

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