How Technology Can Take The Pain Out Of Meeting NDIA Requirements

In Australia, technology is a huge part of our everyday lives. The vast majority of us carry at least one mobile device with us everywhere we go, using it to run our lives, access our data, and connect us with the world.

The invention and streamlining of mobile technology over the last few decades has opened up many doors in helping us live our lives more fluidly, with more ease of communication, and more accessibility to the things we want and need, when we want and need them.

Technology for business is the same. It has the capacity to improve our connectivity, improve our access to data, and streamline our workflows. However, it is often the most overlooked and neglected part of our businesses. Often, the perception is technology for business is difficult to understand, expensive to implement, and grows outdated too quickly.

This of course, can be true in some cases, but it doesn’t negate the need for using it, or the benefits it brings to business. Truth is, investing in flexible, well-designed, future-proofed technology systems can enhance your business operations exponentially, helping to reduce operating expenditure by streamlining administration tasks, while also helping to increase productivity, morale and customer experience.

The NDIS has increased the administration burden for all DSP’s, resulting in increased costs and reduced profits for providers, putting their businesses at risk of closure in some cases. Technology can help to streamline administration, facilitate data transfer across departments, reduce double-entry errors, streamline client service approval process, and increase easy of invoice generation and matching with NDIA’s system, ensuring your invoices are accepted and you get paid on-time. Smart technology systems help satisfy NDIA’s requirement of client-approved service delivery, by capturing the client’s sign-off in real time when the service is delivered and linking this with your service delivery records for future reference. Without technology, this element alone would be cumbersome to manage manually, as well as risking missed data and incomplete records.

CARETAG is the only purpose-built, client-centric software management system of its kind, allowing seamless data transfer across mobile and desktop applications,

Its mobile tap-on/tap-off function with photographic evidence recording, ensures you comply with NDIA’s requirement of client service approval, capturing the point when service begins and ends, in an easy and transparent way. Its integration of NDIA’s funding codes into the invoicing module allows for real-time service/invoice matching, streamlining your business’ invoicing processes, increasing accuracy and reducing instances of rejections from NDIA’s payment system.

CARETAG’s flexible modular design, allows you to only pay for the components that are necessary for your business, integrating with your existing software where necessary, to complete the communication loop, reducing administration across your business.

If you’d like to arrange a demonstration, or would like us to audit your existing processes to show you how much money CARETAG can save your business, please visit