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Attracting and retaining reliable, hard-working talent for your business is not an easy feat. Employee turnover is expensive, with the cost to replace an employee now being upwards of 200% of their annual salary! The lost time and productivity of staff turnover can be crippling for businesses, so making your DSP attractive to new employees while fostering loyalty and fulfilment amongst existing employees is the key to ensuring your business thrives and remains focused on delivering high quality services to your clients.

Here are some tips for attracting and retaining reliable, hard-working talent for your DSP:

1. Develop a thorough on-boarding process

Welcoming new employees and helping them transition into their role in your DSP should be a priority for your business. This is the most important touchpoint to make a good and lasting first impression. Create a systemised process for your HR and IT departments to ensure that all of the tools that your new employee needs to do their job such as computer, email setup, phone (if applicable), salary forms, employee benefits and company policies etc, are set up and ready to go before their first day. There’s nothing worse than walking into a new workplace, knowing no one, and then not being able to DO anything because you have to wait two weeks for the IT Department to organise a computer. Document this process, embed throughout your business, and ensure that every new employee is given an outstanding first impression, and nurtured through their first days in their new job.

2. Acknowledge outstanding service and the 1%’ers

Many employers view the employer/employee relationship as a purely transactional. You employ someone to do a job, they do the job, you pay them. To foster loyalty, improve employee engagement, and generally make your DSP a fantastic place to work, take the time to recognise and acknowledge your employees that are doing their job well, providing a great experience for your clients. Actively acknowledge them and thank them for their contribution. If you have a large organisation, encourage this behaviour in your team leaders. Encourage a workplace of recognition and gratitude that your employees continue to choose to turn up and do their best for your business. Whether it be having a quiet word with your employee to thank them, or putting on a monthly lunch/awards ceremony, the scale of acknowledgement is up to you. Make sure you do it regularly and sincerely.

3. Make administration easy to improve productivity

Implementing systems and processes in your DSP is the key to streamlining administrative tasks and improving productivity. Adopting dedicated and integrated technology such as CARETAG, can assist in reducing manual entry errors, reducing frustration from employees having to double handle information, and free up time for client-facing employees to concentrate on the service they are delivering to their clients.

Technology can help cross-departmental communication, with effective and efficient data transfer and synchronisation. Enabling your field staff to simply and easily tap-on and tap-off at the beginning and end of a client service session, then having that captured action automatically generate an invoice for services delivered is the perfect way to increase your DSP’s productivity, streamline processes and reduce inaccuracies.

If you’d like to enquire as to how CARETAG can help you streamline your processes and foster a great working environment for your DSP, contact us to arrange a demo.