How To Reduce Administration Errors In Your DSP Business

DSP’s with high levels of manual administration run the risk of data input errors costing time, productivity, and money. Relying on your staff to manually transfer the same data from one department system to another multiple times across your business is not only inefficient, it can result in over or under payment of wages or expenses, frustration in having to manually create and reconcile rosters, and a drop in employee morale and productivity. Below are a few ways that you can reduce administration errors in your business to increase your accuracy and preserve your cashflow.

Install integrated technology systems

Implementation of technology systems that integrate data across departmental functions is essential to reduce administration errors and stem the flow of cash leakage when it comes to payments out.

Utilise location-tracking software

We recently audited a medium-sized DSP’s operating processes across their business and were astounded to find mileage claim errors accounted for roughly 20% of total mileage claims, costing them over $32,000 in over-payments per year. The DSP was aware of this fact yet had no means of reducing these errors because all of their mileage was recorded and claimed manually. Installing GPS-based software, would eliminate these claim errors as all mileage is recorded automatically at the time of vehicle use, and the data seamlessly transferred back to the head office’s system for reconciliation.

Integrate Roster and Service Delivery Systems

One source of frustration among many DSP administration employees, is they battle they have to endure to create and circulate rosters each fortnight/month. Manually matching up the varied availability of full-time, part-time and casual employees, to deliver the scheduled level of client service activities, can be a nightmare. Implementing technology that integrates Service Delivery schedules with Rostering systems, can help eliminate this frustration, streamline the administration time, and improve the accuracy of the rosters. Automated delivery of the rosters to the employees involved, allowing them ease of access viewable on their mobile device helps to make everyone’s job easier, and improve the experience for the client.

These are just some of the ways to reduce your administration errors in your DSP. If you’d like to read more about the real dollar savings we were able to identify for a medium-sized DSP, view our case study.