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Audit of a medium-sized Disability Service Provider’s internal systems reveals savings opportunity of over $380,000 per annum.​

How We Can Achieve Over $380,000 In Savings Year On Year

We delved into the administration processes of a multi-service DSP and found opportunity to improve processes, streamline administration, remove manual errors, improve record-keeping, and minimise double-entry activities.

Reducing Administration to Maximise Profit


A medium-sized Disability Service Provider was struggling to keep up with the increase administration demands in delivering higher service level expectations from clients. In delivering services across diverse service areas such as In-home Care, Centre-based Services, Group Activities, ADE, and Transport Services, their processes were highly manual, requiring multiple entry points of the same data across different system records, resulting in high exposure to errors. Each service area operated in silo from a record-keeping point of view, with little visibility of data across the business.

High demand on internal resources with increased competition in service delivery was squeezing profits. They were interested in looking at ways to reduce their administration hours, thereby reducing their operating costs and increasing their profits back up to sustainable levels.


We completed a full audit of their administration processes across all service delivery areas, while also looking at the general administration activities such as payroll processing and invoice generating. We found that staff were spending over 6,966 hours on administration tasks each year, often having to account for manual error percentages that were a direct profit leak for their business.

Taking a clean slate, we conducted an analysis of what the CARETAG complete system (Core + all 8 modules) could achieve in executing the same administration requirements.

We found that the CARETAG System could achieve all administration outputs with just 19 hours of human intervention. That saved over 6,947 Hours of manual administration, resulting in a conservative total cost saving in excess of $380,000 per year.










We took a very conservative approach in analysing the numbers with this DSP, however very quickly, in understanding how their business operates, we could see that the CARETAG System could achieve staggering results. The raw numbers speak for themselves, but it’s the intangible benefits such as improved client satisfaction and increased employee morale, that will really make a difference to this organisation

Vince Iacovelli, CARETAG Managing Director