Purpose-built for Community Care

Think of us as your care management assistant. We look after all the paperwork, regulation and compliance so you can focus on delivering better care. The CARETAG System can assist your organisation every step of the way with its modular and flexible design. Here’s where CARETAG makes a difference:

Manage care plans

Track where every dollar is spent, including scheduled activities in the future. The Care Plan module can keep your participant’s plan and funds in control.

Allocation of funds can be done at a group level, all the way down to a line-item level. Adjusting existing or new plans can be done without disrupting your scheduling plans. You can even generate the plan agreement between you and your participant in a single click, outlining every planned service.

Organise your scheduling and rostering

With one click in a single screen, you can schedule your services, automatically generate your staff rosters and even specify which plan to use for each participant.

The Service Scheduling and Rostering Calendar module can handle anything from one-on-one supports to group activities and can combine funded and fee-for-service participants in a single action. It can automatically detect scheduling conflicts, work out what funds are available for each plan and give you live updates of every activity’s status in real-time.

Mobile delivery with client validation

A truly paperless system, without forms of any kind. The Service Delivery module utilises Smart Card technology to make delivering a support as easy as tap-on and tap-off.

Every device can think for themselves and communicate with each other. Time-recording, client validation and scheduling changes are all done on the fly and in real time with ease. No need to redo schedules and rosters. It even generates Case Notes files automatically and stores them ready for auditing.

The system works without having a consistent internet connection, making CARETAG a truly mobile application.

Timesheet and Request For Payment generation

As soon as a support has been delivered, payroll and billing information is ready for you to send off to your payroll and billing systems.

For NDIS plans, the Timesheet Module can automatically generate your Request For Payment files. With the CARETAG System, you can pay staff and generate bills as soon as the service has been delivered.

Transport recording and management

A simple tap is all that’s needed to start tracking your transport. Whether it’s fleet or private vehicles, The CARETAG System can separate trip details for both drivers and passengers.

Using the Transportation Module you can assign transport to supports and record pick up and drop off times, GPS locations, length of trip including distance travelled and time taken to complete the trip as well as a full route map. It also provides a facility for recording “markers” throughout the journey for specific incidents.

Goals, outcomes and strategies

Follow your clients progress with the easy-to-use Goals and Outcomes feature. Designed around the NDIA format, you can capture all of the client’s goals and strategies and are able to report each of the goals case notes directly from the plan.


It includes a simple and effective way to attach goals to each individual schedule enabling the support worker to focus on the clients needs, and when completing case notes the support worker can add additional goals after the event allowing for more comprehensive progress reporting.


A flexible feature designed to simplify the process for the support worker and coordinators in helping the client achieve their goals.

Ready for the latest billing changes

The CARETAG System is ready to process billing under the new NDIS changes.

Program of Supports, ADE, capital centre, group and non-face-to-face costs can be easily automated with our new Care Plan module.

Still have clients under the original billing model? The CARETAG System can accommodate multiple billing methods and help you transition from the old to the new.


ADE ready

With the CARETAG System you can bill, pay and process an ADE employee just by creating a single roster.


The system will process all the billing and payroll details for you automatically, no need for multiple rosters, schedules or processing steps.


With our Program of Supports, the CARETAG System makes ADE easy, simply set and forget.

Accommodates multiple Plan Managers

With the CARETAG System, you can attach multiple plan managers to a single NDIS plan, making the process of billing simple and streamlined.

The system will automatically direct the billing information to the respective accounts without the need for manual intervention.

More on how CARETAG improves your organisation:

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Success Story

Delando Corporation was able to adapt to the NDIS reforms and remain competitive with The CARETAG System.

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