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The Aged Care industry in Australia often gets a bad wrap in the media, with what can sometimes be isolated incidents reaching national headlines and inflaming an already sensitive subject among the community. What the vast number of the population don’t see though, is the true effort and good intentions that most MyAgedCare service providers approach delivery care to the community.

Proving compliance with government regulations can be an arduous exercise, but one that is absolutely essential to ensure that residents are receiving the level of care that they are entitled to.

One of the biggest hurdle for passing compliance inspections is accurate record keeping. Staffing numbers and a general overwork in the sector can result in details being missed in documentation, resulting in the inability to prove that the services have actually been delivered, when they in fact, in most cases, have. Not to mention the time and resources tied up in locating and collating documentation for inspectors – all time that should be focused on resident care.

To set your facility up to achieve compliance with flying colours, it is imperative that your records and data storage systems are efficient and easy to use. Many facilities are operating on archaic management software systems that are not intuitive to use, often don’t integrate data across departments, and are clumsy and time consuming to maintain.

CARETAG is a custom-built, dedicated software management system designed to meet the needs of the MyAgedCare sector. Its flexible modular system allows facilities to customise it to their needs, integrating with existing accounting systems for seamless data transfer, resulting in eliminating double-handling of data and potential manual entry errors.

Easily manage care plans, patient notes, funding reconciliation and changes with this one, intelligent system. The interface is intuitive, making it easy for staff to update records, reducing the time-burden on them completing accurate records. The easier it is to enter data, the more chance there will be that your records are kept up-to-date.

If you’d like to find out more about how CARETAG can help set you up to achieve compliance in your Aged Care Facility, please contact us on