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With our country’s growing ageing population, increased pressure is being placed on effective Aged Care solutions to take care of our elderly. Demand is increasing for cost effective, high level care, placing an increased burden on existing private-sector providers to deliver these services in a compliant way.

Aged Care providers are finding high compliance and wage costs impacting the profitability and essentially, the viability of their business. Outdated software systems are increasing the administration burden on providers, forcing nurses and clinical staff to double and triple-handle patient care information, running the risk of manual entry errors creating non-compliance issues.

In order to reduce administration overheads, and remain profitable in the already tightly squeezed sector, it is essential to implement an integrated software system, one that shares data, in a secure way, across the different functions of the business. By integrating your business’ data records, you will reduce the risk of manual errors incurred by staff re-entering the same data over and over, ensuring the data is visible when needed, and that compliance requirements are met. Reducing your nurses’ administration hours will free up their time to concentrate on delivering a superior level of care for their residents, which in turn will improve your business’ service reputation, making you more desirable to future residents.

Technology is the key to effectively integrating patient data records across your business and minimise non-compliance risk. CARETAG is a purpose-built, fully-integrated software management system, designed for aged care service providers. Designed as a modular system, CARETAG is flexible in meeting the needs of your business. Its intuitive operating system is easy to use, requiring no training – which eliminates the need for staff downtime for software training and upskilling. CARETAG’s integrated reporting function draws data from each module, seamlessly creating the visibility you need, when you need it.

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