Future-Proofing Your Record Keeping With Technology

Disability Service Providers and Aged Care providers are responsible for handling, storing and processing highly sensitive and personal information for their clients. The most efficient way to do this is to store this information electronically, to ensure it is available to all of the different departmental touchpoints securely within the business.

Streamlining your data entry and securing your records is the key to future proofing your community service business. By adopting an integrated client management software system such as CARETAG, you can reduce double-entry errors, reduce manual entry errors, increase cross-departmental visibility, resulting in increased productivity and ultimately increased cashflow and profits.

CARETAG’s modular system has been designed for each module to operate as stand-alone, or integrated together, giving you maximum flexibility to choose what’s right for your business. Dedicated and intuitive technology can improve your staff’s efficiency, with integrated GPS technology automatically recording company vehicle usage and submitting that data to the accounting module, eliminating the need to manually log and submit mileage claims. Or satisfy NDIA’s client-approval service requirements with its mobile tap-on/tap-off function, creating an automatic record of services delivered, agreed and approved by the client in real-time.

The seamless data transfer between modules allows for in-field service delivery to be cross-matched against a client’s care plan account, automatically generating invoices for services delivered, while reconciling against the remaining approved funding for each individual client. This frees up administration time significantly, while giving an up-to-date picture of the amount of funding available for each and every client, so that you don’t find yourself in a mess of reconciling care plans for services delivered where the client has run out of funds.

With any business accessing government money, record keeping is essential, so the use of technology can assist in making client, account and service delivery records easily accessible for years down the track should you ever need to access them again.

We encourage every and all community service providers to invest in technology software and systems for their business, as not only a way to streamline and improve productivity, but to protect and future-proof your business’ long-term viability.