The Benefits Of Using GPS Technology To Record Your DSP’s Vehicle Usage

Keeping control of vehicle usage can be very difficult for businesses. Trusting that employees are filling in log books accurately, and not over or under claiming their mileage can be hard to monitor with manual processes in place.

In conducting an audit of a medium sized Disability Service Provider, we found that they knew they had a 20% overpayment of travel expenses totalling in excess of $32,000 per year! This was a direct result of manual entry, recording and processing, and was something they had accepted and lived with for years because they didn’t have any better solution.

With the NDIS rollout resulting in increased competition, increased service expectations from clients, increased expenses as a result, and the direct tightening of profit margins, any profit leakage at all can be the difference between barely surviving, and thriving.

How to reduce manual entry errors and save your business money:

By installing GPS technology in your company vehicles, you can automatically record mileage, times and routes travelled, every time the vehicle is used. Combining this with management software applications such as CARETAG, you can automatically download the information to your accounts systems, ready for you to reconcile daily, weekly, monthly, or whenever your schedule dictates. Because it’s all tracked and automated in real-time, it is completely accurate, resulting in accurate payments made, and no profit leakage through overpayments.

GPS technology combined with management software applications eliminates the need for you to rely on manual entry by field staff, and eliminates double handling time of manual reconciliation by administration staff. This not only increases efficiency and productivity, but also reduces potential human errors.

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